3780 Chilligo Rd.

R. R. 2 Breslau, ON N0B 1M0

p: 519.648.2714  f: 519.648.3766


Par-Two Farm Ltd. is a fully licensed company regulated by the MOE. We strive and have met all requirements listed by the Ministry of Environment


Par-Two Farm Ltd. has always maintained a high level of professionalism and we thrive on excellent customer service.  Par-Two plays a role in providing environmental protection through the compliance and enforcement of the NASM (Non-agricultural Source Material) regulations.

Par-Two Farm Ltd. has four waste transfer site C of A’s issued by the MOE for storing organic waste from the food processing industry.  Par-Two is required to provide 240 days of storage of the product we haul, therefore we have holding tanks in place.


Once removed from storage we have MOE approved NASM (None Agricultural Source Material) issued by the OMAFRA for land application of nutrients from the storage sites.

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